About JewelCandle

Discover a piece of jewellery in EVERY JewelCandle!

JewelCandle is the only high-quality scented candle of its kind which incorporates genuine Silver jewellery. Exceptional jewellery is guaranteed in every JewelCandle! The piece of jewellery hidden in your JewelCandle’s scented wax can be discovered after the candle has been burning for about 10 – 15 hours. Here we would like to give you a short description of how a JewelCandle works and what the best way is to extract your jewellery from the candle.

1 After lighting your JewelCandle and enjoying the wonderful scent for a few hours, your piece of jewellery will be visible on the surface of the wax. The jewellery is securely packaged in a special heat-resistant foil. This helps to prevent it from coming into direct contact with the liquid wax or the flame itself.
2 Waiting to remove your piece of jewellery from your JewelCandle will ensure that you are able to remove it without any problems. Your JewelCandle should be burned down far enough so that you can see the entire foil packet. Please be very careful when removing the foil from the candle. It may also be helpful to use a paper towel to dab off any excess wax.
3 Once the foil packet has cooled a bit, you can begin removing the packaging. Inside of the foil, you will find a little plastic bag containing your piece of jewellery. Open the bag and your long awaited unique piece of jewellery will finally be all yours 🙂
4 The wait was worth it! You now have a beautiful piece of jewellery made of Silver and stones of Zirconia. Each piece of jewellery in our JewelCandles has a tag attached to it that certifies the materials which were used in its making. If you would like to see the value of your jewellery, you can look it up on our website using the code on the back of the tag.*
5 Now it is time to show it, take a picture! You can upload it to Facebook page.

The combination of a high-quality scented candle and the surprise hidden piece of Jewellery you will receive each time, makes the JewelCandle experience incomparable. Burning a candle has never been so exciting! In our Shop, you can choose from a number of wonderful scents and jewellery categories. Enjoy the enchanting aromas of fresh Cotton Candy, Creamy Vanilla or Fruity Watermelon and discover your unique piece of Jewellery inside your JewelCandle.

* At the moment, we’re still transitioning into having a code in all our jewellery. If you don’t have one, a jeweller will be able to estimate the worth for you. We count on your understanding.