Fluffy Cotton with Jewellery


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  • 2 gifts in 1: a candle + a silver jewel
  • A wonderful fragrance that will scent your home
  • All our products are manufactured in the European Union


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Fluffy Cotton JewelCandle


What is better than being at home, all bundled up in your favourite blanket? Simply relaxing, enjoying the delicious scent of the Fluffy Cotton JewelCandle? Nothing, right? Its scent of freshly washed linen will make your house smell perfectly clean and especially comfortable.


After some time burning, you will find a wonderful piece of jewellery inside your candle!


You can choose the jewellery between:

  • Gorgeous Earrings made of silver.
  • An exquisite Pendant made of silver.
  • A beautiful Bracelet made of silver.
  • A charming Ring made of silver, where you can choose your matching ring size between S, M and L:
    Category Ring size Diameter in mm
    S m – n 16.6 – 17.2
    M n – q 17.3 – 18.1
    L q – s 18.2 – 19.1


Please note that the pieces of jewellery on our product pictures are only examples from our collection.


The burning time of your Fluffy Cotton JewelCandle is:

Pendant / Bracelet / Ring: 90 – 125 hours.

Earrings: 45 – 65 hours.

How to use: 

  1.  In order to burn your candle down properly, let it burn for at least 1 hour for the first time. Tip: Never leave a burning candle unattended!
  2.  When lighting your candle for the second time, cut the wick to a distance of 6mm from the wax. This will allow for a better and smaller flame.
  3.  Never let your candle burn for more than 4 hours.



All our products are verified with the greatest care to ensure that your experience will be of the highest quality. Your satisfaction is our very first priority!



Type of Candle Height Diameter Weight Burning Time
Big Candle 17 cm 8 cm 1,050 kg 90 – 125 h
Small Candle 12 cm 8 cm 0,850 kg 45 – 65 h

There is a piece of jewellery hidden in every JewelCandle Product!


How much is my jewellery worth?
All our jewellery is made of real silver. On your piece, you will find a label stating the material it is made out of, and depending on the candle, a 13-digit code that you can enter at www.JewelCandle.co.uk/Reveal to discover the value of your jewellery.


What about the sizes?
For most ring candles you can choose between a size S, M or L. Bracelet, Earrings, Pendants and Necklace candles all come in a standard size.


Category Size Diameter in mm
S l – n 16.6 – 17.2
M n – q 17.3 – 18.1
L q – s 18.2 – 19.1


Can I choose my jewellery?
You can choose the type of your jewellery, from a Ring, Pendant, Bracelet, Necklace or Earrings. On the other hand, you cannot choose its design. Every design shown in our pictures is part of the collection, but not necessarily the same one you will receive. The jewellery is placed inside our products during production, and is a complete surprise!

How much is shipping?
Postage is £5.90 with Royal Mail.


If you order products for £75 or more shipping will be totally for free!


How long does it take to get here?
Standard shipping time is only 2 – 3 business days.
You will automatically receive a tracking number that you can use to know exactly when your parcel will arrive.


Is shipping included in the price?
The price includes the product and jewellery. Delivery will be added to the shopping cart.


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    Beautiful ring! Lovely scent not overpowering.

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    Interested in the jewel candle with bracelet

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