Love Spirit Gift Bundle


  • 2 gifts in 1: a candle + a silver jewel
  • A wonderful fragrance that will scent your home
  • All our products are manufactured in the European Union





Love Spirit JewelCandle


Are you looking for a very special gift to make your sweetheart a pleasure? Discover the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day: our candle gift set “Love Spirit”, 3 wonderful JewelCandle :


      • True Love with Pendant

    The delicate, wonderful fragrance of rose petals will ignite the flame of love in the heart of your sweetheart. Declare your love to your favourite person with this scented candle with jewellery.
    The burning time of your True Love JewelCandle is: 90 – 125 hours


      • My Favourite Person with Pendant

    The fruity, delicious fragrance of freshly picked strawberries is irresistible.
    The burning time of your My Favourite Person JewelCandle is: 90 – 125 hours


      • Sweetheart with earrings

    The Sweetheart JewelCandle makes every woman’s heart beat faster. A delicate fruity scent of red roses and romantic candlelight makes this candle the perfect choice for a romantic night.
    The burning time of your SweetheartJewelCandle is: 16 – 17 hours



Please note that the pieces of jewellery in our product pictures are only examples from our collection.



There is a piece of jewellery hidden in every JewelCandle Product!


How much is my jewellery worth?
On your jewellery, you will find a label, stating the material it is made out of. We are not allowed by law to show how much it’s worth, but we would advise you to go to your local jeweller if you are curious about the exact value.


What about the sizes?
The ring size you receive is a surprise, so the exact size you will discover when the package becomes visible. The available sizes range from k to s. If it is not an exact fit, a jeweller can resize for you pretty easily or you could give it to a friend.


Can I choose my jewellery?
You can choose the type of your jewellery, between a Ring, Pendant, Bracelet or Earrings. On the other hand, you cannot choose its design. Every design shown in our pictures is part of the collection, but not necessarily the same one you will receive. The jewellery is placed inside our products during production, and is a complete surprise!


How long do I have to wait before I can get my jewellery out?
The candle needs to burn for around 2 – 3 hours before the wax is fluid enough to remove your jewellery. Some more impatient fans like to use a spoon to get their Jewel out! In case it’s a JewelBath product, you should be able to find your jewellery after the first use.



How much is shipping?
Postage is £5.90 with Royal Mail.


If you order products for £75 or more shipping will be totally for free!


How long does it take to get here?
Standard shipping time is only 2 – 3 business days.
You will automatically receive a tracking number that you can use to know exactly when your parcel will arrive.


Is shipping included in the price?
The price includes the product and jewellery. Delivery will be added to the shopping cart.


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