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In Bloom JewelCandle – Gift bundle scented candles


Are you looking for a gift to make your sweetheart a pleasure? Discover the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day: our candle gift set “In Bloom”, 2 wonderful JewelCandle :


      • You are my Sunshine with Bracelet

    This warm buttercream-scented candle with beautiful silver jewellery inside will fill your home with a delicious smell after just a few minutes. The fragrance of caramel and vanilla will remind you of the sweet taste of your favourite pastries. This candle is the perfect addition to your home and will help you de-stress after a long day. Just perfect for a relaxing evening with your loved ones!
    The burning time of your You are my Sunshine is: 90 – 125 hours


      • Thai Orchid with Ring (S, M or L)

    This wonderful aroma, combined with the fragrance of ylang-ylang and tiaré blossom will enchant you for a long time. In addition, light coconut extracts, jasmine and orange blossom scents provide the purest holiday feeling!
    The burning time of your Thai Orchid is: 90 – 125 hours


Please note that the pieces of jewellery in our product pictures are only examples from our collection.



There is a Jewel hidden in every JewelCandle!

How much is my ring worth?
On your jewel you will find a label, telling you the material it is made out of. We are not allowed by law to show the value but we would advise you to go to your local jeweller if you are curious about the exact value ❤

What about the sizes?
The ring you receive is a surprise, so the exact style and size you will discover when the package becomes visible. Our ring sizes are k to q. If it is not an exact fit, a jeweller can resize for you pretty easily or you could give it to a friend. Alternatively, we also sell candles with earrings and pendants.

How long do I have to wait?
It takes about 10-15 hours of wax melting until the ring is revealed and the jewel can be taken out. Some impatient JewelCandle Fans use a spoon to speed things up ;-)


How much is it?
Postage is £5.90
If you order candles for 50£ or more shipping will be totally for free!

Getting more than 3 JewelCandles raises your chance to get a very valuable Jewel enormously!

How long does it take to get here?
Standard Shippping time is only 2-3 business days.


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