Quality Commitment

JewelCandle – the highest quality in every way!

Each JewelCandle is made to make you happy! And this is only possible if your candle is as great as you want it to be. That is why the quality of our scented candles is our highest priority. That is not an empty promise – check out how your JewelCandles are made:


Every single one of our scented candles is manufactured in Europe. We do not produce in low-wage countries, or in sweatshops, nor do we work with the help of huge machines. Each JewelCandle is guaranteed to have been made with love.


Our images for the respective scents on the glass candles are designed and hand painted by our artists. They are thus, unique and can only be found on the original JewelCandle.

Raw materials

In the making of your JewelCandle, only environmentally friendly raw materials are used. From cadmium and plasticizer-free paint to lead-free wicks, all the way through to sulphur-free wax processing: The environment is very important to us!

Personal care

Each JewelCandle, before being packaged, is inspected thoroughly. Only when everything is perfect, the scented candles are hand signed by the responsible employee. You can find it in the small product booklet, which is attached to every JewelCandle.


Even the bows are hand tied. They give your JewelCandle the perfect finishing touch and ensure that the scented candle always looks impeccable.


Of course, we also pay meticulous attention when choosing our wonderful jewellery. In each scented candle, we guarantee you will never find cheap jewellery. Our team chooses each design very carefully, always taking into consideration the opinions of real life customer, like you!


We also take every precaution available to protect your jewellery. For this reason, every piece of jewellery is packaged in a plastic bag and then put inside a heat-resistant special film before being hidden in the scented wax.


In addition, a special protective box was developed by experts especially for your JewelCandle. This protects each of our precious scented candles during transport so that all candles and jewellery can arrive at your door looking amazing.

If, despite the many precautions, something does not correspond to your expectations, feel free to message our Customer Service – no matter what it is, together we will find a solution!